When I started VanderPol Investments...

I had more than just retirement planning in mind. I wanted to ensure my clients were doing what was best for themselves and their money in all aspects of life. I set out to create a firm that considers the complete picture and implements the best possible strategies to increase financial comfort and net worth. This is accomplished through constant consideration of our clients’ needs and goals. For many people, the financial road is clouded with ambiguity. How can I avoid financial pitfalls? How much debt is right for a person or business? How can I ensure I am not paying too much in taxes? Is there a better way to invest? These questions and more are what we seek to answer at VanderPol Investments. Using established financial principles to increase our clients’ wealth is our cornerstone. VanderPol Investments was created to be a firm that is trusted to put our clients’ best interests first and foremost; a firm that knows our mission is greater than the assets we manage.

At the heart of VanderPol Investments is a curiosity for discovering and implementing the best practices within finance. Looking for the best estate planning methods, investment strategies, and after-tax gains approaches provides us with new challenges every day. The financial world is constantly evolving and we want to navigate it with you. We’re not here to sell, we’re here to help.